St. Clair County Allied Veterans Council

Wayne E. Weaver, Jr. - 2013 St. Clair County Veteran of the Year

Wayne E. Weaver, Jr.

Wayne E. Weaver, Jr., is Commander of Disabled American Veterans Chapter 12 in Port Huron, Michigan. He was born in 1950 at Port Huron. Wayne achieved his GED diploma while serving in the U. S. Marine Corps. He married Cathey Emerick in 1981. They have 4 children and live in Port Huron.

Wayne joined the U. S. Marine Corps in July of 1967 and served until September of 1969. His tour of duty included service in Vietnam from 1968 to 1969, serving first with the 3rd Marines and then working with the 2nd Combined Action Group working in local Vietnamese villages. After his Vietnam service he joined the Marine Corps Reserves for a year then enlisted in the U. S. Army Reserves for 4 more years.

When Wayne returned home to Port Huron, he went to work for Mueller Brass Corp. He retired from Mueller's after 33 years there.

Commander Weaver has been very active in St. Clair County veterans' organizations and activities. As Commander of DAV Chapter 12, he has lead the organization of the annual Golden Coral fundraiser four day event. He has served as a volunteer driver taking veterans to VA facilities in Detroit and Yale. Wayne is involved in virtually all the work and activities at the DAV hall.

He organized the Service Officer program at Chapter 12. There are currently Service Officers assisting all area veterans with information and claims for benefits every Tuesday at the DAV hall. Also, he helped organize the Thursday PTSD Group meetings at the hall. Both of these services are open to the public and all veterans.

In addition to DAV activities, Wayne is currently on the Veteran's Trust Fund Board of the State of Michigan representing the Vietnam Veterans of America, Chapter 284. He currently is Vice President of this organization. He also is a member of the St. Clair County Allied Veteran's Council. He is an active member of the Allied Veteran's Honor Guard and has helped provide honor guard services at many funerals of veterans and other special events.

Wayne was the Commander of the May O'Brien VFW Post in Port Huron for 2 years and served as Senior Vice Commander for another 2 years. He also belongs to the American Legion Post 382.

In addition to his veteran's work and activities, Wayne is busy serving his community in several ways. He works with the Port Huron Police Department as a trained Civilian On Patrol (COP) doing calls and building security checks. Wayne provides care and home maintenance for his daughter who was disabled after a car accident. He sees to the care of his elderly father as well.

Wayne's unselfish care for others, his community activities and his non-stop service to veterans in St. Clair County make Wayne a wothy candidate for "Veteran of the Year - 2013". The Disabled American Veterans Chapter 12 is very proud to have our Commander, Wayne E. Weaver, Jr. receive this well earned honor.

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